Featured Works

Under the Overture

A comedy for singers

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Why did the great composer Rossini (The Barber of Seville) quit the stage at the height of his career? The extravagant antics depicted in this “operatic stunt” presumably are the reasons why. A bravura vehicle for musical clowns — cast here as provincial opera singers barnstorming in nineteenth-century Italy — Under the Overture is a boisterous backstage farce that builds to a breathtaking all-singing musical finale. It’s the play that turns into an opera!   Click here to visit the website. ​​

Poor Players

A supernatural evening's entertainment

A fantastical black comedy in which five actors compete for the role of Macbeth at a rather peculiar audition. Reveling in all that is eerie about the cursed Scottish play, Poor Players traffics in the tropes of supernatural horror to tell a very human cautionary tale on the hazards of magical thinking. Click here to visit the website.   

A Country Christmas Carol

A country music reimagining of the Dickens classic, set in 1950s rural America. Book by Ron Kaehler, Music by Albert Evans, Lyrics by Evans & Kaehler. Commissioned and directed by James Rocco for Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and subsequently presented by the National Musical Theatre Network in New York. Published by Dramatic Publishing. Click here to see the video promo.